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We exist to connect survivors of trafficking to the voice and presence of God and the local

Body of believers in their city.


We go into restoration homes to connect with the survivors,  disciple them, and help them get plugged into spiritual family.


The signet rings are a part of this discipleship and empowerment process and each purchase directly impacts the survivors. 


The rings are packaged and sealed by the survivors. They are learning to hear the voice of the Father and as they prayed over the rings and you, they practiced hearing the His voice. Each comes with a personal word and we pray when you open your ring, it creates a moment that the Father encounters YOU as His pure and majestic son or daughter. 

Purity & Majesty and The Justice Reform partner together out of @mercyculture in Fort Worth, TX  to bring restoration to victims of human trafficking and to see the body of Christ unified with solutions to bring to their cities.

Stephani & Cam believe the body of Christ is the answer to the injustices in our day. And they are passionate about empowering sons and daughters in how they can be the solution in their true identity.

We do this by empowering sons and daughters with specialized impact models that can be a part of the local church.

We look to serve people passionate about restoring and mentoring survivors with impact models & small groups to resource and empower  their creative expression / passion that’s in their hands to be a tangible solution in their community to connect with, disciple, mentor and empower local survivors in their city. 

Examples of what this has looked like internally for P&M:

Wax seal stamping for signet rings / packaging of rings (survivors are paid) 

With our local church:

1) Jewelry making for gifts for the congregation

2) Making of essential oil rollers perfumes

3) Food creation- 

Cake pops 

meal prepping 

Survivors are empowered financially in these processes which is a healing component in their restoration journey. 

All while they are becoming integrated into the community as they are serving and being discipled to hear and follow the voice of God.

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